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Music and Miracles Ministries

Ann Sandell is the founder, director, and Senior Pastor of LOVEPOWER Music and Miracles Ministries, the writer - producer of LOVEPOWER TV and Radio ,and the author of " To God Be the Glory". Ever since Pastor Ann's personal salvation she has lived a miraculous life. In 1974 and again in 1978, Pastor Ann experienced two trips to Heaven and one to Hell. The result of these 2 miraculous events was not only life changing to Ann but life challenging. While in Heaven Jesus anointed her and appointed her for a healing and miracles ministry. The proof in this truth can be seen in the outreach of Lovepower. Ann brings a new life, the love of God, healing, forgiveness, and restoration wherever she goes. God has sent her into many countries where the power of God, Lovepower is revealed through her. Miracles such as blind eyes opened, the deaf hearing, the deaf and dumb healed, the lame walking, and all manner of disease from cancer to Aids covered. The television ministry reaches millions of people and the radio broadcasts go into 23 countries.

Pastor Ann is happily married to a Music Director, Ray Sandell who is the ensemble director of music at Lovepower Church where he also teaches Sunday school. Ray also teaches at North side Academy Christian Middle School. Ray and Ann have 2 daughters- Robin Lee and Renee William's and 5 marvelous grandchildren, all of which love the Lord.

Ann feels she is so blessed that she just wants to pass it on to as many as will receive it. God has totally transformed her life! Details can be found in " To God Be The Glory"


Janet Gullickson

I am Janet Gullickson associate Pastor of Loveower Church. It's been a wonderful 24 year journey with God the Father , his Son Jesus and the wonderful Holy Spirit. It all started when I first received Jesus as my personal savior back in March of 1979 while sitting on my couch in San Diego California even though I was raised as a catholic, I never realized you had to personally invite Jesus into your heart. So their ,while listening to Pat Boone's wife on TV, I said the salvation prayer and became born again.Life has never been the same.

I then traveled back to Minnesota and met Pastor Ann Sandell and that's when I had the experience of receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I not only made Jesus my Savor but also my Lord, that means to walk with him and surrender my life daily. I was then ordained in September of 1987 by Pastor Ann Sandell as associate Pastor. I count it a privilege to Preach and teach the word of God not only here at Lovepower Church but in other Nations such as India and the Philippines. God has put in my heart a great burden for the lost so it is also a privilege to lead the street team at Lovepower Church every Friday sharing the good news of the saving power of Jesus and reaping in the harvest. I have been to many of the nursing homes and go monthly to the correction facility in Oak Park encouraging the men their and praying for them. I always seem to have a song in my heart and I am sure its because I have been a part of the Praise and worship team for over 17 years . I have been teaching Sunday school since I have been saved so that part of my life continues on as I oversee the children's Ministry. God has also put administrative gifts in me so I am the Church Secretary. The Lovepower radio work I have done in my home for over 20 years and I have been involved with our cable TV in many ways since it began, all of this has taken place while raising 4 children and being married to a wonderful man of God ( Rick) who is my encourager.

Wow, what God can do with 1 person who will just say " Yes" to Jesus and see where he will take you on your own personnel journey with Him.


Rick Larson was born and raised in North Branch MN. with mom, dad an five sisters. At the age of 14, I received my first "guitar" and by 16 years. old I was playing rock-n-roll music with friends who eventually put our first dance band together. At the age of 18 one of my friends became a Christian and invited me to see the Lundstrom family, where I received Christ. I had always wanted to be a musician, songwriter and singer.

I first met Pastor Ann Sandell at a church I was going to in Dresser WI., where we became friends and she asked me if I'd listen to her songs and add musical backgrounds to them like a Karaoke style, I did. In 1985 I started as the worship and praise leader. In 1987 I was ordained as the music minister and Lovepower Associate Pastor. We started our Lovepower TV program in 1985 after taking counsel from Lovelines director Dan Morstad, and I took on the official "salaried" job as production director/editor for our new cable TV show called Lovepower. I've been married to my wife Lee as of 2003 for 23 years. We have four children and five grandchildren. As a songwriter (singer) I just came out with my first 10 song C.D. " Up Where Eagles Fly".