About Us

Music and Miracles Ministries

Love Power Ministries Lovepower is an evangelistic Miracle Ministry based on the supernatural power of God"s Divine LOVE. The vision and purpose of Lovepower is to cover the whole earth with the "Good News" of Jesus Christ; to share the Miraculous LOVE of God with all people everywhere; and to reveal the POWER of the Holy Spirit to save, heal, deliver, prophecy, prosper, and bless. Mark 16:15-18.

Music is a very important part of Lovepower as God uses it to open the hearts of hardened people. Especially people who have been turned off to God. We have discovered that many times miracles follow the music of the Gospel. We also use music as a effective tool in prisons and nursing homes. the Evangelistic part of our ministry has taken us into 23 countries. Our TV and Radio programming has maximized our opportunities to reach more people. We are reaching many countries in Africa and also Israel, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and Russia. For each individual reply to our programs we return a personalized letter, bible, and teaching tape.

In 1996 Lovepower took over the needs of 20 orphaned children in Liberia, supplying them with food, shelter, clothing etc. As a result of this action, a school was established in Monrovia, Liberia for the impoverished children of the streets who could not have afforded an education. The school was named the "Ann Sandell International School", to honor Pastor Ann and Lovepower. All of this began with 20 children and has now increased to 608. The name of the wonderful young women in Liberia who helped promote all of this is Leabeh Gbowee.